More About Mindset Therapy

The Mindset Technique was developed by Dr. Michael Gallo. What makes Mindset different from so many of the other healing methods is that it opens up the subconscious mind, bypassing the limitations of traditional energy healing methods. This allows practitioners to get beyond your mind and body barriers to healing. You can’t fool us or yourself, your subconscious mind and body tell all.

Practitioners are able to identify the conflict between your conscious and subconscious which is causing your ailments. This conflict can be causing pain, anxiety, depression, maladaptation by the body causing autoimmune disorders, chronic ailments, and just about anything you can think of. Once the conflict is identified, it is “reset” so that the conscious and subconscious mind are in agreement and balanced.

I am asked many times, "How exactly do you do that?". Well, it took Dr. Gallo years to develop the technique and took me three years of training with Dr. Gallo to learn how to practice Mindset. At the basic level, we use clinical kinesiology to obtain information from your body. In practice, I generate proprietary frequencies with my hands which elicit specific responses from your body and I know how to interpret that information. Once a body tissue is identified, I will ask the body questions, such as ”is the root cause (of your complaint) spiritual, emotional, or physical?". If the answer is physical, I am able to show the body what is going on ( ie; virus, bacteria, structural issue, hydration, an allergic reaction, mold, parasite, etc.) and tell it where in the body the problem is located. The body then recognizes the problem and can naturally heal itself. It is very common that once the physical issue is addressed, the complaint becomes rooted in an emotional root cause. Then I bring in some quantum physics and energy psychology to the mix and the reset of your negative beliefs takes place. This technique is completely non-invasive. It is not talk therapy. The bottom line is that it works.

Sally with Dr. Michael Gallo, creator of Mindset Therapy.

Sally and Dr. Michael Gallo work with a patient.

What is great about Mindset is that it can be used in conjunction with any other healing modality and also with traditional medical protocols. This technique will not interfere with anything that you maybe doing to get well; instead, it can enhance what you are already doing.

Another question that comes up a lot is “How long will it take before I can expect to see results?” And I will generally reply, "How long have you had the problem?". Many ailments can be resolved quickly, within a couple of appointments. But there are many more that take longer. How long have you been ignoring the conflict in your body? Probably much longer than you have had complaints. In quantum physics, information becomes an energy and that energy, used enough, can them become matter. If you are in conflict with your subconscious long enough or are thinking a negative thought pattern long enough, that thinking (information) can actually become a dense energy in your body. Negative, dense energy in the body causes discomfort and can eventually become “some-thing” (or matter) in the body. It takes time to reverse that process. How long it takes will depend upon how much you have invested in your negative thought processes and beliefs.