About Me - My History and Training

I haven't always been in the wellness industry. I worked for others in my early career, then became an entrenepeur in my late 20’s. Working "with others" rather than "for others" helped me to learn to think outside of the box and develop creativity in my thought processes. The problem was, the business world was not satisfying in many ways. So, in my early 40’s, I walked away from a successful business career and personal life because I felt burned out and needed a fresh start.

My main focus was wanting to help others in some way. I didn’t know how, exactly, but the desire was strong. I went to work part-time in my brother’s sales rep organization after someone there got sick and ended up growing that aspect of the business to the point that I branched off into my own sales rep organization. In the meantime, I had seen a machine which scanned the body to obtain the body’s energetic response to many different substances. I “knew” the machine when I saw it – and I knew that was how I could start to help others.

That machine and the trainings to use the machine, were the beginning of over fifteen years of training in the wellness field. During that time, I continued working as a sales rep and practiced the new technique I was learning two days a week with clients.

Very early on in this journey towards becoming a Mindset Practitioner, I knew that stress in people’s lives caused most of their problems, including dis-ease in the body. And that stress is caused by perception of events in peoples lives, not the events themselves. That led me to professionally cultivate different techniques to relieve stress, which meant helping others to change their belief systems. I became certified as a Tele-Clear Practitioner, have taken much training with the late Harold McCoy, who was the founder of the Ozark Research Institute in Arkansas and a well-known energy healer. I have taken many classes at the Ozark Research Institute with Shamans, Reiki masters, dowsers, hypnotherapists, and several other methods of healing. I am trained in Peter Mandell’s Esogetic Crystal Therapies for relieving stress, Patti Conklin’s Colorworks and Cellular Cleanse, Raymon Grace’s dowsing techniques, Jose Silva’s UltraMind ESP System, Phytobiophysics, Auricular Therapy, and my latest training in Theta Healing. In 2008, I began training with Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy and studied with Dr. John Turner for four years. I earned certification as an Advaned Practitioner in QNRT and have practiced QNRT for 6 years since.

Throughout the years of training, I have also developed my own abilities and gifts as an energy worker. I do not practice any specific modality as an energy worker, instead I have developed my own combination of techniques. And, over the years, I have always been drawn to any additional teaching which is pertinent to my work. I thought QNRT would be the end of my formal education, but along came Mindset and I was again drawn to yet another discipline. I have been practicing Mindset for over three years and feel as though this method is truly all encompassing. Mindset is also adaptable to everything else I have studied, bringing all of my expertise together within the context of the Mindset work. I have found that there is nothing more rewarding than to be able to help others become congruent and well in all aspects of their lives.