Techniques and Practices

The basis of my practice is Mindset Technique. Mindset is a combination of clinical kinesiology, quantum physics and energy psychology. Frequencies are generated by the practitioner and the client to identify the root cause and purpose of your specific condition and resolve it. But my technique consolidates many other therapies as well. Just a few of the other healing modalities I incorporate are Tele-Clear, Peter Mandell’s Esogetic Crystal Therapies for relieving stress, Patti Conklin’s Colorworks and Cellular Cleanse, Raymon Grace’s dowsing techniques, Jose Silva’s UltraMind ESP System, Phytobiophysics, Auricular Therapy, and my latest training in Theta Healing, and more.

More about Mindset

I use my own abilities to work with your body energy to aid your body to release dense negativity from your system. I am able to interpret the information your body tissues are emitting which greatly aids in the Mindset technique. All of this information is verified by using kinesiology. The “About Sally” page on this website addresses the extensive training I have and which I incorporate into your Mindset session.

This technology is not "talk therapy". The Mindset technique quickly identifies the root cause of your specific condition and then gives your body the information it needs to resolve it.

I work with clients in my office and remotely at long distances. I like to work with clients on the phone for remote sessions. Remote sessions are just as effectivea as physically sitting across fro me because my ability to tap into your energy from anywhere is quite remarkable.

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