Enlightenment Technique

The Enlightenment Technique

The Enlightenment Technique is a quick and easy method to identify and “reset” limiting subconscious (unconscious) beliefs and patterns of behavior that cause stress in the body and hardship in life. It is an energy technique combining the use of quantum physics, clinical kinesiology (muscle testing) and energy psychology and does not require recall of past events from a person’s life.

Consider this – where did your beliefs come from? Were you born with them? Not likely – someone else gave them to you – given that, doesn’t it make sense that you could have beliefs set in your subconscious mind that your conscious, adult mind does not agree with? And when those two minds disagree, our subconscious mind will do everything in its power to “run the show” and that doesn’t work for any of us. Neuroscience has recognized that our subconscious mind runs at least 90% of our lives. When our two minds don’t agree, we are in conflict and those conflicts, if repeated over and over in life, become patterns of behavior which create stress in the body and mind.

Muscle testing is used to identify a limiting belief which is causing a challenge. Once that belief is identified, the negative pattern of behavior associated with that belief is found and that negative pattern of behavior is also reset. This energy method:

1. Resets EVERY limiting belief associated with the pattern of behavior

2. Changes all negative emotions attached to the pattern of behavior and beliefs to that of a high level of consciousness.

3. Energy work is done to correct maladaptations and negative energies in the body which have occurred as a result of these stressors.

Even though a client maybe working on one challenge in their life, these negative patterns of behavior typically affect many other aspects of our lives as well. Therefore, it is possible to gain many positive “surprise” benefits from each reset.

The Enlightenment Technique evolved through Sally’s work with clients, her trainings and information received from The Creator of All That Is.


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