The unconscious and conscious mind can have two very different agendas. When they do, a battle ensues between the two minds causing stress and negative thoughts, behaviors and emotions and, eventually, patterns of behavior which we tend to repeat over and over again which create dysfunction in our lives. The unconscious mind is in charge 90% of the time – running our lives and even affecting much of our physical health. Through the use of muscle testing, these patterns of behavior are identified. Once identified they are reset throughout the body/mind and energy bodies so that you can live a life full of grace, abundance, synchronicity and ease.



  •     Are you feeling empty, fed up or frustrated in your career or income?
  •     Are your relationships angry, resentful, threatening or just flat?
  •     Are chronic health problems stealing your precious time and energy?
  •     Do you feel as though life has just “passed you by?”
  •     Do you keep doing the same things over and over again that don’t work for you?
  •     Does fear or anxiety or phobia make you feel like you are “caged in?”




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Symptoms in the body are created by many different factors, but the bottom line is that conflicts between unconscious and conscious beliefs create stress and it is widely accepted that stress is one of the first markers for dysfunction in the body and mind. When the body is stressed, the immune system is working to handle the stress and can’t pay attention to keeping us healthy. Resetting the unconscious beliefs so that they are in alignment with the conscious mind reduces stress and allows the immune system to do its job of keeping us well.




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