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Testimonials From our clients!

    Sally is a truly remarkable healer with great gifts, talents, training, and the innate ability to combine them. I spent several years in and out of doctors’ offices for a variety of health issues, from sudden food allergy attacks to painful nerve and muscle problems to asthma-like symptoms, and more, and not one doctor provided any answers. No individual problem was truly debilitating, but when added together sent me spiraling downward, and I was beginning to feel like I was crazy, since none of my symptoms had any “diagnosable” cause. A good friend recommended that I see Sally, and with my first session I felt a remarkable change. I have been seeing her once or twice a month for over a year, and she has truly changed my life. I am not totally healed of every issue, but for the first time in years, I feel in control of my health. It will take time for me to address the numerous health problems I have been facing for the last ten years. It’s difficult to explain exactly what she does, but it works, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically!

Robin R. – Manasquan, NJ

    In the 7 years I’ve been seeing Sally, she has helped me overcome my challenges. One difficult challenge I developed in my early 20’s was an eating disorder. Sally was able to bring me relief from the programs I was unconsciously running. I am now connected with my body and emotions and am able to listen to what they are telling me. This was a huge breakthrough that lead me to be open and express myself to others which has changed my life. My whole experience with Sally has helped me to grow as a person. I have deep gratitude for her healing work.

Torie P – Pt. Pleasant, NJ

    I am a yoga teacher by trade, which is classified in health clubs as “mind/body” exercise. Sally Tennant is one of the greatest “mind/body” teachers I’ve ever had. Even though my work with her has been challenging, it is the most rewarding gift I’ve ever given myself. I used to be a “victim”, blaming others and circumstances for the direction my life was taking, which was not satisfactory. Sally has flipped negative subconscious beliefs that I was not even aware existed and provided me with the gift of self-empowerment. Life is so much less stressful when you realize and accept that the only person in this world that you can change is yourself, and Sally provides the information needed to go from reactive to proactive. Sally has helped me work through physical issues, from a childhood hip injury up to assisting with the delivery of my daughters. She has helped me with emotional issues that have caused physical issues, including chronic pain in my body that no longer exists. Sally has taught me how to “tune in” to my body so that I can give it the best care it needs to function optimally. If you wish to access the power of your mind and body to release the negative and replace it with positive, Sally Tennant’s treatments are what you need. Coupled with affirmations, remedies, etc, that supplement the actual treatments, you will be on your way to a happier, more fulfilling life.

Lisa H. – Avon, NJ


    Dear Sally,

I just wanted to tell you that you are such a wonderful person and one of the best Healers I’ve ever had the honor of being a patient of.

When your name was mentioned by my daughter as someone who could help us with our relationship and communication skills, as we were like water and oil together and always at each other’s throats, I initially thought that it was “VooDoo”.

But after experiencing the wonder of what you have accomplished for my daughter and me, I have to tell you that if anyone thinks what you do is VooDoo, please have them call me and I’ll explain to them how you have helped me and my daughter.

Ken V.

    To be able to put into words the benefits of Sally Tennant’s work in my life and the lives of those I love is a very difficult task. I am afraid that my testimony won’t be able to express what a life-changing experience it has been.

Sally has been working with me for approximately six years. When I first started I was very reluctant and didn’t believe it would really work; until the treatments helped me put an end to my postpartum depression thoughts. That’s when I truly understood it was working! Prior to that I had tried traditional medicine (antidepressants) and talk therapy. However, they did not help me get rid of the frightening thoughts I had related to my child. Since I had the resets, I have not had those thoughts. I also used to have daily headaches, and take Ibuprofen for it every single day. My headaches are so sporadic now, and if I do get them, I learned, through Sally, how to accept it as a symptom, find the emotional reason for it, and make peace with it. I had a pattern of getting really sick, at least once a year, when under stress. For the past 4 or 5 years, I haven’t had any episode of severe sickness like I did before.

The most amazing thing is that with each reset, comes a new way of facing issues and challenges in life It’s nothing instant and magic though. You have to be willing to change and make the effort of trying. Every week I look forward to having the treatment and learning a new way of facing my challenges. Since I have started, I can’t count how many times I have thanked God for bringing me Sally and her work into my life, and consequently into the lives of my loved ones, because they do benefit too. If I am happy, the people around me feel it and become happy too.

Sally’s resets, through QNRT or Mindset, are definitely a faster, more effective way of teaching you how to cope with the challenges of daily life.

Renata C. – Toms River, NJ

    Working through QNRT and Mindset with Sally has helped me heal and change my life in many ways. I used to have terrible toothaches, that would linger for a long time. Since working with Sally, my toothaches are gone. Whenever I got a cold, I would have symptoms for weeks, now if I do get a cold, I work with Sally on the emotional cause, and feel better quickly. I also used to have had backaches and go to the chiropractor weekly. I don’t even remember the last time my back hurt.

We may be thinking or feeling one thing, yet our subconscious mind is thinking and feeling another. Learning to understand that has helped improve my everyday relationships in family, work, and school. Sally helps us heal our spiritual mind, which tells our body how to feel. She helps heal the mind first, in order to heal the body.

Matt C. – Toms River, NJ

    I have been growing in the knowledge of knowing who I am by working with Sally Tennant, Mindset Practitioner. I was unhappy with the way my life was going and wanted help to make changes. You learn to understand your body signs which are related to emotional problems. You have to be willing to do the work. No one but you can make the changes, but Sally Tennant can show you the way.

If you need help to make permanent changes, call Sally Tennant. Most grateful,

Mary Faith C. – Seaside Park, NJ

    Sally worked with me for mindset coaching over a period of eight months. All of our resets and check-ins were done over the telephone. I hired Sally to help me because I have had several physical aches and pains (neck, back, feet, jaw) that I was so tired of dealing with in my life. In addition, I was suffering from allergies and eye issues. Initially, I wasn’t sure how the mindset process worked, but after a while, it didn’t matter how it worked…. it just worked! I found the resets to be calming and the affirmations to refocus my mind on my healthy life. The results were great. I reduced pain in all areas and even had pain and irritations completely disappear. My time with Sally was well worth the investment in my health!

Heather L.